Alex Millians, COOAlex Millians has oversight over resourcing and operations in his role as Chief Operating Officer.  He ensures that Excellis Interactive has the resources at hand to efficiently and effectively meet our client needs.  A graduate of The University of Virginia, Alex also holds an MBA from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Alex brings tactical and leadership experience from his diverse career to the Excellis team.  Prior to joining Excellis, he was previously a consultant with Ernst & Young, as well as with Gartner. He also was previously a project manager with McKesson, and has made his rounds as a Project Manager with numerous startups. Immediately before joining the Excellis team, Alex ran two separate staffing firms.

Alex believes that “Simple is anything but.”  He says, “transforming complex ideas into something everyone can understand and relate to takes work. To play off the famous Einstein quote, ‘if you can’t explain something simply, you really don’t understand it, and if you don’t understand it, you have no business preaching it.'”

He spends most of his time ensuring that Excellis operations run smoothly, but he occasionally helps out with a client project.  His most recent foray into the field involved helping McKesson rationalize accelerating their investment in online self-service, vs. shoring up their call centers to support their internal clients. He also enjoys using his experience to help our smaller clients find creative ways to engage Excellis experts, such as structuring projects creatively to enable these smaller clients to enjoy the benefits of cutting-edge UX/UI work without breaking the bank.

When not at work, Alex’s passion is SCUBA diving!  He has logged a staggering 200+ dives around the world in the last 10 years.  Drop him off at the Chikuzen with two tanks, and he is in heaven.