SAP UI Design Patterns – Forms

As an interactive agency that specializes in SAP UIs and mobile interfaces, we work with companies to design the best possible user interfaces we can. In today’s digital world, there is so much data that is both input by the … Continued

SAP Mobile UIs – 3 Mistakes to Avoid

Making SAP Simple.  That’s our mission.  It’s a big statement, for sure, but we willingly and gladly enter into the fray. We’ve spent years working with SAP User Interfaces such as WebDynpro, JSP DynPage, BobJ UIs, and CRM UIs to … Continued

SAPPHIRENOW: Mobile Application Design Points [Video]

As an interactive agency that specializes in mobile application development and user centric design, we know that there are a lot of things to consider when designing mobile experience.  Our resident SAP Mentor, Pete Lagana, gave his two cents on … Continued

UI Design is Like a Battlefield

Some have said that love is like a battlefield. That‘s because in any relationship each party has heartfelt priorities and demands that they may consider non-negotiable. That gives us a glimpse into why application design sessions become so difficult – … Continued