User Experience Reigns Supreme at ThoughtSpot

For the second year in a row, we’re proud to be the provider of the custom ordering app for attendees at AmerisourceBergen’s ThoughtSpot 2015, taking place July 29 – August 1. AmerisourceBergen had tasked us with creating a multi-device application … Continued

SAP Wins with Excellis Interactive

A major carpeting company was evaluating PM solutions from both SAP and IBM to increase productivity on the shop floor. The most important factor was a simple solution the company’s users felt comfortable with. The application itself needed to create, update, … Continued

Does your IT support support usability?

IT: “Hi, this is tech support.” Mary from HR: “Hi, I’m working to approve some purchase orders. Is there a better process for this? I have to work through  multiple screens, and it takes a long time.” IT: “Is something … Continued