The SAP Fiori Fit: Part 4 – Extending Fiori

I described how to select the best use cases for standard SAP Fiori projects in a previous post, but you will find that the simplicity of the standard apps coupled with the broad ability to customize will lead you to … Continued

The SAP Fiori Fit: Part 3 – Choosing Use Cases

In a previous post, I’ve already discussed the fact that SAP Fiori is not a mobile platform, but a user experience platform with a mobile-first framework.  Understanding this is even more important once you move past the strategy and architecture steps, … Continued

The SAP Fiori Fit: Part 1 – Your Fiori Strategy

Everyone is talking about the fact that Fiori is now free to maintenance customers.  Many are wondering about the impact this has on SAP Mobile Platform and other native products.  Others are talking about the recent video SAP Mentor Pete Lagana … Continued