Does your IT support support usability?

IT: “Hi, this is tech support.” Mary from HR: “Hi, I’m working to approve some purchase orders. Is there a better process for this? I have to work through  multiple screens, and it takes a long time.” IT: “Is something … Continued

The SAP Fiori Fit: Part 4 – Extending Fiori

I described how to select the best use cases for standard SAP Fiori projects in a previous post, but you will find that the simplicity of the standard apps coupled with the broad ability to customize will lead you to … Continued

The SAP Fiori Fit: Part 3 – Choosing Use Cases

In a previous post, I’ve already discussed the fact that SAP Fiori is not a mobile platform, but a user experience platform with a mobile-first framework.  Understanding this is even more important once you move past the strategy and architecture steps, … Continued