UI5 the Right Way: Long-Term Strategy

When we think about past SAP Applications, we conjure up memories of older UIs such as Business HTML, BSPs and ABAP Web Dynpros. While they all had their 15 minutes of fame, it is clear now that SAP is committed … Continued

SAP Wins with Excellis Interactive

A major carpeting company was evaluating PM solutions from both SAP and IBM to increase productivity on the shop floor. The most important factor was a simple solution the company’s users felt comfortable with. The application itself needed to create, update, … Continued

Does your IT support support usability?

IT: “Hi, this is tech support.” Mary from HR: “Hi, I’m working to approve some purchase orders. Is there a better process for this? I have to work through  multiple screens, and it takes a long time.” IT: “Is something … Continued