Design & Development for iOS: Automotive Passport


Excellis staff drove every part of the process for this consumer-focused mobile application.  Intended to manage vehicles – cars, boats, motorcycles (basically, anything that has an engine) – this app had to appeal to a very diverse group of users.

It had to appeal to – literally – anyone with a car and an iPhone.  Can it get more diverse than that?  Automotive Passport is live on the app store for download.  Download it here.

UI Design

Our lead usability engineer worked up initial wireframes based on the functional requirements, to ensure the layout would simplify the vast number of features needed.

Design took over and created custom iconography that would help users navigate and quickly understand the features and functionality available.  After multiple tests with users, the final designs reflected a robust and slick application.


Excellis’ team of iOS developers worked as a cohesive unit to rapidly develop each piece of functionality.  With a focus on speed, performance, and stability, the team created the services to rapidly receive and serve data between users and various information sources.  This is how the team enabled the coolest features, like VIN scan for vehicle information retrieval.

App Launch

When it came time to launch the app, Excellis the mobile team was ready with a Web site to launch and support the app, as well as the know-how to speed through the Apple approval process.  Excellis’ support through the launch also allowed the client to address issues quickly with an update within a few days of the initial launch.