Latest Mobile Projects

Excellis helps our clients make sense of it all – where mobile makes the greatest impact in their business and how to launch it for their users. Excellis experts then design and deliver the premium experience that ensures success in every mobile project.

Our mobile user experience team engages users early in the design process to make sure our solutions will work for our clients when they enter the real world of day to day use. User adoption is our top priority, and we make sure it happens from day 1.

As a mature mobile design and development team, Excellis has delivered mobile solutions for some of the largest companies in the world – as well as those small to mid-size organizations looking for a mobile competitive advantage. With expertise in iOS, Android, SAP Mobile Platform, Syclo products, and mobile web, the Excellis mobile team brings experience, creative problem-solving, and an enterprise-grade delivery methodology to our clients.

Waters Corporation
SMP Mobile Sales


Excellis helped Waters with a mobile strategy that included architecture, design, and delivery.  Excellis then delivered a custom sales app using SAP Mobile Platform along with HTML5 while leveraging Afaria.  Click here to request the case study.

Android & iOS


Excellis designed and developed native iOS and Android applications that enable Airgas customers to scan product codes to access vital information about them.  Download the app for iOS or Android.

iOS for SAP


Excellis designed and developed a native iOS solution for Axis’ consignment and inventory management needs.  Excellis delivered this solution in under one month, including the integration and connectivity to the backend SAP system. Click here to request the case study.


iOS for SAP

amerigas_mobile_app Excellis designed and developed the solution for AmeriGas that powers mobile meter reading, automatic routing, and updating the SAP system. Click here to request the case study.

SAP Mobile Platform

mobile_grainger_icon Excellis enhanced the user experience with custom design and development on Grainger’s SAP Mobile Platform CRM application. Click here to request the case study.

Globus Medical
Native iOS

mobile_globus_icon Excellis delivered a comprehensive sales application for thousands of field sales, which freed up thousands of hours of selling time.  Click here to request the case study.

Promotional Trade Show App
iOS for SAP

good_neighbor_icon Excellis streamlined the ordering process for 2000 attendees at this annual conference.  Learn how Excellis cut overhead costs and errors with integration to SAP ECC 6.0.

J.G. Wentworth iOS and Android

jg_wentworth_icon Excellis helped J.G. Wentworth improve lead collection and speed customers through submitting their documentation using an iOS or Android phone. Download it here.

Automotive Passport
Native iOS

auto_passport_icon Automotive Passport – the iOS app that keeps every detail about your ride at your fingertips.  Learn more about how Excellis delivered a mobile app as fast as the cars it manages.