A User-Centered Design Experience

You need to know your users and Excellis will make that happen.

Your business has wants and needs. Your users have wants and needs. How do you find the happy medium for both? A user-centered design process that benefits everyone.

From desktop to mobile SAP and non-SAP applications Excellis works with you and your users to create an experience that increases productivity, reduces errors, and reduces training spending.



If you’re looking to provide your users with a fully-immersed e-commerce experience from anywhere, at anytime, SAP Hybris is the solution for you. With its limitless integration and customization possibilities, Excellis is able to unlock all of the power Hybris has to offer through the art of the possible. Above you can see an example of a Hybris application we created for Oakley’s B2B customer-base. Some of the other benefits of using Hybris include:

Omni-Channel Experiences

Hybris can be customized and integrated with other enterprise systems and puts the customer experience at the center of the solution. This gives your business a 360 degree view of what each customer has done in the past, what they may do in the future, and what they are most interested in at any moment in time.

Content Management

The Product Content Management module provides a consistent customer experience throughout all channels by pulling all product data from a single location, regardless of the medium. This provides your users with a fully-integrated e-commerce experience.

Hybris Marketing

SAP Hybris Marketing is a central component of Hybris’ strategy for its customer engagement and commerce (CEC) portfolio of products and services. This allows companies to provide individual users with a fully personalized experience.





Salesforce.com has an easy-to-userinterface out-of-the-box that has made it an appealing CRM solution in recent years. Excellis has experience customizing Salesforce based on the specific needs of our clients’ users and providing fully-integrated Salesforce experiences integrated through SAP.


SAP Fiori and UI5


SAP Fiori is the perfect tool for creating user-centered, responsive web applications that increase productivity. Here at Excellis we have extensive experience in installation, configuration, and customization of Fiori for our enterprise clients. Above you can see an example of a Travel & Expense SAP Fiori application we created for an industrial supply company. Some of the benefits of using Fiori for this application include:


Fiori enables instant access from anywhere. This improves the recognition and submission of timely expense reports, faster approvals, and less downtime.


A responsive design accessible by all users on all device types allows everyone to access their T&E app from anywhere, on the go.


A new experience that embraces user expectations. Requests are entered more quickly by users who are more confident in the user interface.


SAP Personas


Standard Order Screen before using SAP Personas


Standard Order Screen after using SAP Personas


At Excellis we understand that budget, resource, or time constraints can sometimes preclude sanding up a SAP Fiori implementation. SAP Personas is a perfect fit for creating a more user-centered application quickly and easily.

As part of our user-centered design process SAP Personas allows us to quickly improve the user interface of applications and get feedback from the end users.