Put Customers at the Center of Your Universe

Engaging in a Customer Experience project with Excellis Interactive can mean the difference between losing frustrated customers and building relationships with loyal, valuable customer advocates. Contact us to start the conversation.

Excellis will help you:

  • Scorecard and analyze customer needs, obstacles, goals, traits, and motivators
  • Improve marketing and selling strategy
  • Design a more valuable customer experience
  • Deliver the solutions that engage your customers while maximizing your technology investment
  • Increase customer retention, eCommerce revenue, and self-service diversion cost savings


Customer Experience Services

Our user-centric UI design process places the focus on what really matters. Excellis specializes in the design & development of customer-facing solutions, and provides enterprise-grade usability services including:

  • Voice of the Customer Research & Engagement
  • User-Centric Design
  • Usability Testing
  • Interface Design & Development, including ISA, ICSS, WebSphere, and hybris
  • Systems Integration
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Mobile User Interface Design

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