Apple & SAP: The New Standard in Enterprise Apps

September 21, 2017

Imagine spending a week with innovators from the leading companies in technology and design today. Last week, I got to do just that. Excellis Interactive was one of only 7 top usability firms invited by SAP and Apple to attend their Fiori for iOS Design Workshop. Working alongside the top engineers and designers from Apple and SAP – brainstorming, whiteboarding, design thinking – what a tremendous experience!


Now, I get to provide all of this innovation to our clients, raising the bar for excellence in their native applications. As an SAP Mentor and the CTO of an SAP Partner specializing in User Experience and Cloud, I live the life of creating great experiences on a daily basis.

All of our clients want more out of their existing technology investments.

All of our clients want more compelling user experiences for their users.

And all of our clients ultimately want “Apple-esque” enterprise applications.  

What does Apple-esque mean, exactly? Clean UI. Intuitive user experience. Lightning fast performance. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Well, it seems SAP has finally gotten the message.

Consumer Grade Experiences in the Enterprise

While the Apple & SAP partnership was announced over a year ago, the tremendous amount of opportunity stemming from this collaboration is just now coming to fruition. At Excellis, we are moving it forward down the path of possibility. Based on the numbers, these two entities joined forces at the perfect time. 

  • 87% of organizations plan to expand their mobile app portfolios in the next year.
  • 76% of global business transactions touch an SAP system.  
  • 98% of Fortune 500 companies are using iOS devices.  

With the Fiori for iOS initiative, consumer-grade enterprise experiences are possible – faster and better than before. The design stencils. The software development kit (SDK). The intersection with SAP Cloud Platform. It’s all there to make a major impact in terms of how we most effectively and efficiently create consumer-grade experiences in the enterprise.

Setting the New Standard of Enterprise Excellence with Apple

Excellis Interactive already builds applications for our clients utilizing design thinking principles and best practices, giving them a competitive advantage. We have shining examples of how to create Apple-esque experiences for our enterprise customers using standard Apple xCode, iOS Human Interface Guidelines, and good old-fashion OData consumption into SAP systems. Utilizing Apple’s design stencils and SDK, we avoid using unfamiliar design patterns and save lines of code. Better yet, it all revolves around the SAP Cloud Platform for quick consumption of existing services and others offered, including Identity Management, DB, and Security to name a few. More importantly, once connected to SAP Cloud Platform we have secure access to virtually any back end system of record. 100% through the Cloud.  

Apple is synonymous with beautifully-designed, consumer-grade user interfaces. On the other hand, SAP is your go to for well-run enterprise solutions. The partnership of the two brings together the best of both worlds – allowing us to provide clients with lightning-fast native enterprise applications that are as stunning on the front end as they are simple on the back end.

Want to learn more? I will be attending SAP TechEd in Las Vegas next week. Stop by the SAP and Apple booths to hear more about the exciting enterprise opportunities available through Fiori for iOS. We’ll be showcasing some of the exciting native applications we’re building with this new paradigm. Stop by or email me at to set-up a meeting!

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