Comcast Partners with Excellis Interactive, Signing Master Services Agreement

May 3, 2021

Excellis Interactive today announced that it entered into a Master Services Agreement (MSA) with telecommunications conglomerate Comcast to continue providing innovative digital transformation solutions, deep technology expertise, and a strong, collaborative partnership to drive project success. After three years of working closely with Comcast on numerous projects, Excellis is formally executing a direct relationship with them, streamlining efforts that support Comcast’s business goals and long-term success.

Comcast values Excellis’ partnership direction of our Senior Vice President and CTO Pete Lagana to help drive business value via UX to critical applications such as  TechSpot, Campus App, and now their Internet Essentials.  After helping Comcast develop TechSpot, a dynamic customer-centric support tool, the tech giant saw a 58% decrease in support center calls. This represented a savings of $2 million year-over-year.

“This MSA removes a lot of barriers that come with being a subcontractor and allows Excellis to further nurture our relationship with Comcast at a deeper level. As one of Comcast’s partners, we can continue to provide outstanding service and top-of-the-line deliverables, providing a world-class digital experience to not only Comcast but their customers and their entire network in a much faster way now that we work directly with them,” says Pete Lagana. 

More recently, Excellis has been chosen to redevelop Comcast’s Internet Essentials Program Partner Portal in an ongoing effort to provide affordable internet to families in need. By redesigning the Partner Portal with a superior UX and UI experience, community partners will be able to connect users in a faster and more efficient way during a time when internet access is an essential daily need. “Excellis is excited to be a part of this community outreach initiative and provide the digital experience that will quickly connect partners with the resources users need to be successful at work, school, and in their daily life,” says Lagana. The new and improved portal will launch in Fall 2021.

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