Successful CRM Adoption – 5 Ways to Create the Solutions Your Users Want

May 4, 2016

CRM adoption

You finally made the decision to invest in a CRM solution. You were sold on the promise of improved efficiencies and effectiveness. But there’s one problem.

Your sales team isn’t using it.

49% of CRM projects fail, according to a Forrester Research study, and of those considered successful, less than 40% have full scale user adoption. So how do you keep yourself from becoming a statistic? Here are the steps you can take prior to launch to ensure high CRM adoption.

  1. Talk. To. Your. Users.

    This might seem like a no brainer, but many CRM implementations are done without consulting the people who will be using it most. A successful CRM tool works for your users, not the other way around. Upfront usability shines a light on what functionality is most important, significantly decreases (and in some cases eliminates) training costs at launch and could possibly keep you from needlessly investing in something that won’t work for your users.

  2. Start Off Fresh

    Now is the perfect time to cleanse your data. Removing duplicate records and inconsistent data will ensure CRM system integrity. More importantly, your users will be confident in the quality of the information, which will inspire greater CRM adoption.

  3. Go Mobile

    Your users are on the go. Can they access key information while offline? Are they able to make necessary updates on the road? A portable CRM tool will increase the likelihood of your users adopting it early on, since it will make accessing and updating information quicker and easier.

  4. Eliminate the Unnecessary

    The great thing about CRM systems is that they provide robust functionality for a myriad of industries. Because of that, however, they can also be overly complicated, filled with fields and requirements unrelated to your business. A customized UI based specifically on your industry and your users’ needs increases productivity and gives them more time to focus on revenue-generating tasks.

  5. Integrate

    By integrating your CRM solution with other tools and systems, you’re maximizing its efficiencies. Social media. Web conferencing. Content. Pricing. When these capabilities are fully integrated within the system, adoption rates will soar.

Working with an integration partner with experience in creating highly-usable, fully-integrated CRM solutions will provide your users with applications they’ll actually want to use. See how Excellis Interactive’s experts in technology, UX and strategy can do just that. Request a copy of our case studies, follow us on LinkedIn and send an email to Or plan to meet with us during SAPPHIRE NOW at Booth #884!

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