Excellis Tech Summit: Looking Ahead at UI5, TechEd & More

August 27, 2015

UI5 The Right Way

In preparation for SAP’s upcoming TechEd 2015 conference, we held our Excellis Tech Summit this past month to discuss various SAP technologies in Mobile, Hana, ECC, Fiori and Usability.

As a CTO for an SAP systems integrator and an SAP Mentor, hosting this summit with our top developers allows us all to further understand the latest technologies – not just for how they work but what they mean to our customers. I rely on my personal experiences and my teams’ focus on issues we are seeing related to:

• Solution stability
• Ease of use
• Learning curve
• Solution roadmap
• Longevity
• Compatibility

One of this year’s hottest topics is clearly SAP’s UI5 – we haven’t seen excitement like this since mobility hit big back in 2012. Hana and Cloud are hot topics too but the use of UI5 as the primary interface for SAP’s applications has the most chatter. The biggest question that came about from our summit wasn’t what are the capabilities of UI5, but what are the right ways to do UI5 projects?

There is much confusion on how to best do a UI5 project. There are many methods and various strategies and even products out there that cloud the landscape and often times confuse rather than clarify. We work with customers every day who want to know the best practices and direction setting strategies for creating UI5 mobile apps.

• Customers who have a mobile strategy and want to know where UI5 fits in.
• Customers who think that Fiori and UI5 are synonymous.
• Customers who have investments in non-SAP technology, such as JD Edwards and, who are considering OpenUI5 as an option.

These are real use cases that we are able to answer with our expertise. Through experience, we know some of the key components to doing UI5 projects the right way include:

1. Business Case / Pain Points
2. User Experience
3. Technical Options
4. Support
5. Long Term Strategy

In the coming weeks, we’ll be covering each of these topics in our new “Tech Talk” vlog. The first will be a series of five posts, each focusing on a component our experience has shown is key to a successful UI5 project. Get a sneak peak of what’s to come in the video below. In the meantime, if you have a question, want to see something specific covered, need any help with your existing UI5 efforts (Fiori, mobile, hybrid, browser-based, etc.) – please let me know! You can always contact me here:

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