Keep UI Design Skills Fresh with Diverse Projects [Client Web Design Launch: Jack Sprat Shoes]

November 30, 2011

Many of our projects are large, complex engagements in enterprise mobility or SAP usability and eCommerce user experience. It’s incredibly important during these engagements to keep your ideas innovative and your focus razor-sharp.

We all know that you can’t sharpen a point without using different angles, though, and we don’t want our skills to become, well, dull. So, diversifying our projects keeps our staff engaged, and gives them opportunities to expand their skills – so that we can bring a fresh outlook to every project we do.

Most recently, Excellis designers teamed up with a popular shoe retailer, Jack Aezen, to design a brand new website to go along with the brand’s most recent shoe collection.
Jack Sprat Shoes was one of the hottest names in women’s footwear in the nineties – and as they re-launch their line to a new generation of women, they knew they needed to reinvent their brand. It was imperative that the new site be fresh and new, but that it stay true to the essence of the Jack Sprat consumer – classic, stylish, and practical.

Designers from Excellis Interactive first spent time understanding the brand, and learning about the woman who really captures the spirit of Jack Sprat Shoes. Through a collaborative process, we were able to deliver a website that emphasizes Jack Aezen’s creativity as well as leverages Excellis’s extensive experience with UI and UX design.
Aezen’s company, Aezen Webb Imports, delivers high-quality shoes and accessories under the Jack Sprat name. “We’re thrilled to be back,” Aezen remarks. Jack Sprat has several channels through which they market their shoes – QVC, Facebook, and their new site.

You can watch them live on QVC on Wednesday, November 30, 2011 at 6 p.m. EST on Shoe Shopping with Jane.

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