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4 Keys to Providing Consumer-Level User Experiences in the Enterprise

May 12, 2016

consumer-level user experiencesThanks to the consumerization of B2B, workers have come to expect consumer-level user experiences in their enterprise applications. Those applications shouldn’t require extensive training – they should just work.

Enterprise applications have historically been cumbersome, confusing, and overly-complicated – a stark contrast to the experiences users are accustomed to as consumers. The major difference is that users choose to use consumer-level applications, whereas they have to work within the confines of the enterprise applications available to them. Imagine the difference it would make if your users actually preferred to use your enterprise applications — increased productivity, greater user satisfaction and an overall stronger competitive advantage for your business.

Here are four fundamentals for providing consumer-level user experiences in the enterprise.


Minimal designs are the most powerful. They focus on the paramount processes and tasks and eliminate the unnecessary. Consumer-level user experiences present only the information and actions necessary for the given task along with the appropriate navigation – your enterprise applications should do the same.


When a UI is aesthetically pleasing, users are more comfortable, confident, and capable. It provides an experience that increases user engagement.


Icons, terminology, and flows should be easily discernible. Enabling users to transfer their knowledge from other applications decreases the need for training and increases productivity.


User mobility demands applications work on any screen ranging from phone to tablet to desktop to big screen. Consumer-level user experiences are comprised of responsive components, layouts, and navigation which operate naturally on any device at any screen size. When users can access your enterprise applications from anywhere, it eliminates communication gaps and greatly improves CRM.

A solution’s user experience extends beyond an application’s UI. The implementation, deployment, installation, registration, security, support and end-of-life cycle are all critical, as well. This requires partnering with the experts in providing #SimplyBetter consumer-level experiences in the enterprise. SAP Partner Excellis Interactive has been providing innovative experiences through Hybris, HANA Cloud Platform, and CEC to create compelling all-encompassing solutions. To see how, request a copy of our case studies, follow us on LinkedIn and send an email to Or plan to meet with us next week during SAPPHIRE NOW at Booth #884!

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