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3 Ways a UX-Focused Mobile Strategy Can Positively Affect Your Business

April 11, 2016

Mobile Strategy: Mobile is a Passing Fad

Think there is no need for a mobile strategy in the enterprise?

Think again.

Here are just three of the many ways that a UX-focused mobile strategy can positively affect your business.

Mobile Strategy: Companies gain an extra 240 hours of work per year from employees thanks to mobile enterprise applications; mobile enterprise applications increase user productivity by 34%; mobile enterprise applications simplify workflows, say 53% of users

Clearly, mobile is here to stay – no longer a nicety but a necessity. So why isn’t your company maximizing its capabilities?

Learn how Excellis Interactive’s experts in technology, UX and strategy are able to provide mobile-forward enterprise solutions that continue to add value over time. To request a copy of our case studies or to set-up a free usability consultation, follow us on LinkedIn and send an email to

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