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SAPPHIRENOW: Mobile Application Design Points [Video]

November 23, 2011

As an interactive agency that specializes in mobile application development and user centric design, we know that there are a lot of things to consider when designing mobile experience.  Our resident SAP Mentor, Pete Lagana, gave his two cents on camera at SAPPHIRENOW.


There are two points to think about when you design for mobile applications:

  1. The user is bored with their surroundings [and thus turns to their mobile device]
  2. Context of their location [to promote shareability]

Mobile applications should be designed to be easy and fast, so that they can be quickly accessed in a moment of boredom.

A great example that he gives is that at the event where this video was recorded – SAPPHIRE NOW (a large SAP event), people were engaging their devices in a quick moment of boredom (between sessions, of course).

In addition, when a user posts information or generates some sort of content to networking sites, it is usually contextual to their location.  You must consider that behavior to enable adoption of mobile sharing.

What will your mobile design provide to the user when they turn to their device for distraction?  And how can they share it?

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