Simple is as Simple Does with SAP Fiori

July 30, 2015

SAP Fiori Mobile

Why upgrade to SAP Fiori? First, let’s take a step back to look at SAP GUI.

“It’s a nightmare.”

“I’ve been using it for 8 years and am still learning how to use it.”

“It’s easier for me to create an Excel spreadsheet rather than use the reporting.”

SAP is an incredibly complex and highly-sophisticated data processing system, so it’s not surprising that tens of thousands of companies rely on it for their day-to-day operations and reporting. However, because it’s an all-inclusive system, users are presented with a lot of screens and information they don’t need when using SAP GUI. Which leads to some of the frustrations referenced above.

But Fiori and UI5 have changed the face of SAP. Taking its lead from Apple and Android, they are embracing a better user experience by providing a more modern UX with a responsive design. All of the complexity from SAP GUI is behind the scenes in Fiori. Applications can be used across devices and platforms, allowing for mobility, and best of all, unnecessary elements can be removed based on credentials. Users still have all of the data that they need – just in a stripped down version.

At Excellis Interactive, we’re experts in Fiori & UI5 customization. We created a portal for an industrial supply client that moved all necessary functions for a user onto one screen related to contracts, POs and purchase requisitions. Processes that formerly required clicking through 8 screens now only have 1. We’ve improved processes for their employee self service (ESS) and manager self service (MSS) applications. And in exciting news, we’re currently working to implement Fiori into our client’s Intranet, allowing one portal for all business operations.

Fiori is a welcomed addition to the tools in our arsenal to create simplicity. It allows us to provide simple software solutions that your users will use and continue to use. It reduces training. It increases productivity.

So why SAP Fiori? The better question is why not?

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