Think Big When Buying Tablets for Sales Productivity

April 26, 2012

More than 78 percent of employers will deploy tablets across their organization this year, while less than half have articulated a clear mobile strategy, says a recent post by Ashley Furness, Analyst on Software Advice, a CRM software vendor review site.

This is extremely exciting, yet unnerving, as corporations rush towards mobile development with no clear strategy.

Director of Marketing Molly Maple was quoted in the article, advising that “companies which build a bunch of disparate apps find it’s not sustainable, and then have to rebuild one platform; they end up spending way more then they should.”

There is no doubt that most corporations are still making mistakes in corporate mobility.  Pressures from executives or the business line, along with decentralized ownership of both devices and projects, create complexities and silos.  The most likely result?  Multiple applications on multiple platforms, along with multiple support teams and mechanisms.  Translation: wasted money.

Ms. Furness highlights the user-centric design that is a part of every project at Excellis.  This focus on the user should be the starting point for all technology projects, as it delivers the information that a corporation needs to thoughtfully choose flagship projects that self-fund later mobile solutions.  Similarly, it prevents users from going rogue with other “off-the-shelf” apps which may be more usable.

See how Excellis incorporates usability into an enterprise mobile application in this video, or get in touch to start the conversation.

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