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UI5 the Right Way: Technology Options

December 6, 2016

Technology Options

In our last post, we focused on the user experience side of UI5. Today, I’ll be focusing on technology options, as we continue discussing the key considerations to keep in mind for a successful UI5 project:

With SAP open UI5, developers have the option of delivering a UI for a project the same way as with other popular technologies like Angular, Bootstrap, and Knockout. UI5 is based on open standards, the UI is abstracted from the logic layer, and it’s lightweight.

The technology options at a high level stem from these 3 things:

Abstracted UI

This is a huge departure from SAP UIs of the past like Web Dynpro. Open UI5 allows us to modify the UI with JS and CSS and keeps it separate from core logic. This is flexible and open. Here at Excellis Interactive we’ve wrapped a custom UI5 application in Titanium / Appcelerator. From there, we could deploy an offline UI5 application to any device with access to all OS level APIs. That’s some pretty cool stuff!

On Premise vs. Cloud-Based

We know UI5 can be utilized in Fiori, which can either be on premise or cloud-based. SAP will have a greater adoption rate since the cloud version is much easier to get up and running as compared to on prem. Either way, UI5 can be supported.

SAP vs. Non-SAP

In past a past post, I spent some time talking about how we have used open UI5 as the UI layer for non-SAP backends like JD Edwards. Most folks would only use UI5 for SAP-based projects, but the fact you can use it as a viable option for non-SAP solutions makes it the best UI technology SAP has ever offered. Again – flexible and open.

While there are more tech options out there, these three are paramount to me. It speaks to the core options that are relevant when considering UI5 as a solution for any web or mobile project. I discuss these in greater length in the video below. What other technology options would you also consider? Let us know in the comments. Til my next post, when I’ll be discussing the best way to support UI5 projects!

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