Small, Strategically Architected Teams. Developing High-Performing Solutions.

In the digital realm, iteratively building applications and feature sets is critical to success. That’s why our enterprise application delivery team matches resources to support and develop projects with the technical expertise that aligns with our customers’ initiatives. With this approach, solutions are brought to market quickly – providing your business with a unique competitive advantage and saving you both time and money.

Delivery Services

We optimize our development teams to ensure all builds
meet Excellis’ high standards of delivery.



High-performing individuals specialized in specific development skills and technologies, from backend architecture to frontend development and everything in between.



Client-focused team members working quickly from concept through creation as an extension of your business.



A blend of onsite and remote teams with the common focus on customer outcomes, driven by design, development, deployment and delivery best practices.

Supported Technologies

From on-premise legacy systems to the latest cloud-based solutions, Excellis can weave an optimized mix of architecture and implementation strategies that tie directly to achieving our clients’ goals.


Understanding infrastructures and support systems is complicated. Our technology gurus make it simple – creating a streamlined architecture mosaic that checks all the solution boxes:

  • Extendable
  • Scalable
  • Secure
  • Maintainable

Is your mobile strategy stalled?
We can shift you into overdrive.

We don’t build native apps for the sake of building native apps. Excellis creates the right solutions based on the needs of your business and your users.

Today and for the future.

Progressive Web Applications


Because the client wanted a simple, quick ordering solution accessible across a variety of platforms and devices, a progressive web application strategy was deployed.

  • Extensible, scalable and forward thinking
  • A silky smooth experience driving quick adoption
  • Fast but reliable development to quickly go to market
  • Well-planned infrastructure and informational architecture
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Native Mobile Applications


Cynch Driver Application

Geo-location was a must in order to provide users with the best possible user experience, as well as offline capability, making a native web application the go-to strategy.

  • Cross-platform application with one code-base
  • Easily be supported by known technologies
  • Modular and loosely coupled
  • Simple development and deployment leveraging existing technology stack

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