CUE 2.0 Release

The following enhancements will be enabled the week of February 12, 2024.

1. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). This additional security layer will be available at the user level.

Multi-factor authentication, which is enabled when:

  • Logging in
  • Editing My Profile

2. Revamped My Profile. Conveniently update profile details, manage communication preferences, and set up MFA to CUE.

My Profile Management, which includes:

  • New Dropdown Menu
    • View My Profile
    • Edit My Profile

3. Enhanced User Management. Create distinct roles for both employees and customers as well as new users with configured permissions.

CUE System Setup (this will replace the “User Management Module”), which includes:

  • Users Management (note the users here are the employees under the client)
    • List of Users
    • View User Details
    • Add User
    • Edit User Roles and Permissions
  • Role Management (for both Customers and Clients)
    • List of Roles
    • View Role Details (and Permissions)
    • Create Roles & Manage Role Permissions
    • Edit Roles & Manage Role Permissions

4. Unified UI Design. Our updated user interface now boasts a standardized design, ensuring a consistent and seamless user experience across your CUE platform.

5. Enhanced Security. Bolstered security protocols provide additional safeguards for both your organization and users.



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