Prior to the launch of Comcast TechSpot, there was no singular place for employees or contractors to go for their technology needs. Requests were managed through 70+ different sites, with most interactions taking place by phone or in person. Long-term employees used bookmarks as workarounds that were rendered useless once systems and processes change. And new employees found it especially frustrating, not knowing where to begin for IT support.
TechSpot solved the disjointed nature of IT support at Comcast that had plagued it for years. Excellis designed a highly-intuitive, fully-responsive digital portal that facilitated ordering of equipment, provided instant access to IT-related news and information, and streamlined ticket submission and support for popular IT tasks and applications including Meetings, VPN, Chat, Mac / PC issues, Microsoft Teams, MFA, Office 365, Password help, and Webmail. 70+ different processes were streamlined into one easy-to-use interface across all of Comcast, resulting in a 58% decrease in help desk calls.


Online IT Portal:

Create a centralized online portal for all IT-related requests, support tickets, and announcements.

User Experience:

Create an intuitive online experience for onboarding new employees and contractors.

Streamline Processes:

Minimize foot traffic and call volume to the internal Comcast IT support TechBar.


Comcast TechSpot:

25% increase in it support ticket resolution

58% decrease in call center inquiries

$2MM year over year savings

Due to its success, Comcast plans to emulate all support sites after TechSpot with the digital self-service model.

Engagement Details

Type: Fixed bid

Time: 6 Months

# of Users: 80,000

Resources: Project Manager, Visual Designer, Business Analyst, Information Architect, Javascript Developer

Deliverables: User Research, Competitive Analysis, Wireframes, Information Architecture, Clickable Prototypes, Design Guide, Usability Testing

Technical Details

Devices: Desktop and laptop computers, mobile devices and tablets

Platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

Application Type: JSON, JQUERY, Responsive Web

Software: Web, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3

Integration: Integration Meeting Software including Condeco, Outlook, O365

Deployment: Company wide