Grainger required its pricing logic and product data that lived in SAP to be accessible and managed inside a Salesforce Mobile Application. Excellis created a custom application that allowed Grainger’s customer service representatives to read real-time pricing data from SAP through Salesforce without storing it locally. Conversely, custom pricing in Salesforce could now sync directly back to SAP, saving CSRs the hassle of updating in both places.



Create a mobile friendly application that integrates SAP data directly within the Salesforce platform.

Data Sharing:

Have data read asynchronously from SAP into Salesforce rather than storing all product data and custom pricing locally.

Custom Pricing:

Allow custom pricing in Salesforce to automatically sync back to SAP.


  • Integrated custom Salesforce1 applications to SAP utilizing the latest Lightning UI
  • Updated the out-of-the-box mobile solution to include Grainger-specific customer quotes – customer-specific pricing, sourcing, and current price
  • Easy-to-use interface

Engagement Details

Type: Fixed bid

Time: 3 Months

# of Users: 2,000 Salesforce Customer Service Representatives

Resources: Salesforce Architect, Salesforce Developer

Deliverables: Salesforce Mobile Application UI, Design and Developed Application

Technical Details

Devices: Mobile

Platforms: iOS, Android

Application Type: Mobile Application

Software: APEX, Lightning UI, Objective-C, Java

Integration: Integration with Web Methods

Deployment: Manual Deployment thru Enterprise Distribution (not public-facing)