Wayne Semisch, PresidentAs President and CEO, Wayne directs the market strategy, company vision, and internal operations for Excellis Interactive.  In addition to his leadership role, clients often choose to engage Wayne as a Sr. Business Analyst in projects, as his 18 years of experience bring an additional layer of insight and expertise.  During his tenure at Excellis, Wayne has grown the company exponentially and has lead over 20 engagements for clients such AmerisourceBergen, Amerigas, Home Depot, GE Healthcare and IBM.

A graduate of Southern Methodist University, Wayne is a Business Analyst by nature.  Prior to joining Excellis in his executive role, he was an executive at Brookhaven Solutions Group.  Previously in his career, he was also a leader and top producer at a number of well-known technology-focused companies, including AnswerThink, Harte-Hanks, and DataEdge.

Wayne is a large advocate for simplicity – in both practice and approach.  “When designing solutions you need to stay focused on the desired result, as complexity always invites itself,” he says.  “Clients often end up designing technology to include the exception of the rule rather than focusing on the core principles of their business need.  The results are too often a solution that are extremely complex and too difficult to adopt – not to mention needlessly expensive.”

Wayne values client projects that deliver a real impact to the business.  One recent success was with a client located in Mexico that was looking to build a mobile application to oversee their consignment inventory.  “We had less than one month to design, architect and delivery a turnkey solution.  I knew we would only be successful if we were able to get the customer to focus on the original core use case and keep the solution extremely simple,” he says.

With just one month past the go-live date, the client was able to track the status for 100% of their inventory.  By keeping the solution simple and focused on the core problem, inventory is now 100% accounted for, production and distribution are more efficient, and (most important to the customer) invoicing is more accurate.

Wayne’s vision for Excellis is to create innovations that stand the test of time and directly drive the client’s success well into the future.  He says, “When it comes time to hang up the keyboard, I want our teams to look back and say, ‘Our work made that happen!’  We have set the foundation for some really exciting things to come.  Today it is all about enabling the user to be more effective, efficient, and empowered – while making it look easy.”

Wayne believes that simplicity really is the key to the most successful projects – especially in enterprise mobility.  “I really enjoy when we can take the simplest of ideas and turn them into real game changers for our clients.  Especially with the advancements of mobile applications, there are no shortages of great ideas!”

In Wayne’s little spare time, he enjoys spending time with family and friends, playing golf and cheering on his kids in their various sporting events.