Maximize Your SAP Customer Experience

SAP is the backbone of your business. But a powerful engine is only the beginning. For the best in class user experiences, unparalleled design and finely-tuned performance, you need to run CUE.

Painstakingly engineered by Excellis Interactive’s group of SAP architects and designers with a passion for problem solving, CUE is the culmination of 20+ years of experience, harnessed into a suite of easy-to-use SAP Cloud Platform solutions that provide SAP businesses with the most utilized and requested best-practices and high-end experiences – quickly and at a fraction of the cost of a custom build.

To put it simply, CUE shifts your SAP Commerce Cloud solution (formerly SAP Hybris) into overdrive – enabling the ultimate in customer experiences for you and your users.


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CUE for SAP Commerce Cloud


Why Cue?


Options Come Standard

Elite Upgrades without the Hefty Price Tag

Today’s SAP users demand simple yet personalized customer experiences. CUE solutions give it to them, taking the most commonly requested upgrades and making them standard. Business critical transactions become easier than ever before. Streamlined processes simplify transactions into just a few clicks, resulting in greater user productivity and satisfaction.


Toss the Owner’s Manual

Minimize or Eliminate Training

Is it really a solution if learning to use it disrupts your business? CUE delivers a 5 star, fully-tailored experience to your SAP solutions with innate user interfaces that are not only an extension of your existing brand, but are incredibly easy to use. Say good-bye to costly training seminars and long onboarding processes. And say hello to productive employees and happy users.


Go from 0-60

Fast Go to Market

Stay ahead of the curve. With deployment options through SAP Cloud Platform, CUE solutions can be delivered in as little as 2 weeks. By eliminating the cost and time associated with custom SAP builds, upgrades, and implementations, CUE allows you to surge ahead of the competition and gain valuable market share.


See What It Can Really Do

Enhanced Performance

That SAP engine is powerful, but it should also be blazing fast. Because of our years of experience in the SAP ecosystem, we know the best way to architect solutions under the hood to deliver ultimate efficiency. Free of redundancies and unnecessary overhead, CUE provides your users with the lightweight, lightning-fast experiences they deserve.


Enjoy the Open Road

No Limits in the Cloud

CUE lives in the SAP Cloud Platform, so your SAP solutions are secure and reliable. Because it uses real time data, CUE provides your users the most up-to-date information. All backed by the security and reliability of SAP S/4 HANA.


Look Through the Windshield, Not the Rearview

The Best Experiences are Ahead

The experiences of yesterday won’t land you the customers of tomorrow. Because we’ve spent decades empathizing with users, we deliver a top of the line, customer-focused experiences built on industry best practices and day in the life research. Crash-tested and fully-vetted, CUE ensures your SAP customer experiences are second to none.


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Accept No Substitutions

For the very best in performance, user experience and design, run Cue.

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