CUE Commerce: The B2B E-Commerce Solution Driven By Simplicity and Speed

The demand to do business online has never been greater, yet wholesalers and manufacturers are hesitant to make the move to digital. The complexity of the B2B buying process, perceived high cost and long implementation timelines makes the thought of introducing online sales extremely intimidating.

But it doesn’t have to be! CUE Commerce was built to specifically address these concerns (and more), getting B2B businesses online fast with a very low cost of ownership.

Designed by Excellis’ usability experts, CUE Commerce leverages user experience best practices to quickly and cost-effectively deliver a superior B2B online shopping experience for your channel partners and customers. This lightweight yet highly scalable wholesale and manufacturing e-commerce solution provides robust built-in features that navigate through those complex B2B transactions to streamline your customer’s buying journey and build stronger, more profitable relationships.

Why Choose B2B E-Commerce Platform CUE Commerce?

  • Delight existing customers with a fully-branded, intuitive ordering portal that eliminates the time and resources dedicated to managing paper forms, faxes, spreadsheets, and redundant processes
  • Simplify client communication with an all-in-one platform for collaboration, recommendations, and buying
  • Drive sales and easily onboard new customers with custom ordering templates
  • Maximize sales rep productivity, allowing more time to sell and less time providing customer service-related support 
  • Unlock 100% order visibility available at a customer’s fingertips
  • Eliminate costly manual entry errors with a fully-digital ordering system
  • Attract new customers and expand into new markets with a sales channel independent of your brick-and-mortar location(s)
  • Build better (and stronger) long-term customer relationships providing the buying channel your customers prefer with a memorable experience that rivals that of B2C operations


B2B E-Commerce Example Page for Manufacturers, Distributors and Wholesalers

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